Timeless and luxurious, Callista Crafts has established a new culture in the art of the handmade, leather bag.

What is, in your opinion, the element that gives your designs a timeless character, as many people claim? 

The truth is what makes a Callista bag timeless is not just one single element, but the combination of many of them together. The most essential is the minimalistic design. Simple, clean lines give the handbags a timeless character, while the selection of the highest quality leathers for the manufacturing process leads to the same direction. In addition, the discreet details that make each Callista handbag instantly recognizable, are always designed following the latest fashion trends, but with an important priority in mind: the functionality of each bag, focusing on fulfilling the needs of the contemporary women.

What is the most important advice you have received during your creative journey and from whom?

Throughout our professional career, we were pleased to receive advice from very important people. The advice, however, that we have embraced more than any other, is the encouragement to be in continuous alert and vigilance, constantly being worried spirits, but at the same time doing one step at a time.

What is the profile of the woman of Callista Crafts as a brand? 

Callista's woman could not be anything other than a contemporary woman. A citizen of the world who is travelling, acquiring experiences and discovering new images and emotions. Sometimes she is a business woman, a houswife and a mother. Sometimes not. But she definitely has multiple and distinct roles.

What is the ideal style / outfit that can accompany a Callista bag? 

Because of the clean and elegant design, a Callista bag can complete many different styles. However, a minimal yet casual chic outfit is the ideal choice. 5. AESTHET is one of the first e-shops to believe in Callista Crafts and support the brand. What is the secret of maintaining such a good relationship? 
It is no secret that the mutual trust, the professionalism and the common aesthetics is a success story that can lead a collaboration to very interesting paths. We are therefore very happy to share this journey with AESTHET.

How easy or difficult is the female entrepreneurship in Greece? 

We do not separate entrepreneurship into female or male. Entrepreneurship doesn’t and mustn’t have to to do anything with gender and other discriminations. The difficulties in Greece mainly come from taxes and generally obligations towards the Government Agencies.