Discover the story behind the brand

1. It is known that your designs have been worn by a lot of women who love and trust Hermina Athens. What do you think is the reason of this success?

We try to speak the same language with every contemporary woman, who at the same time shows the absolute respect for the past. The process of the continuous creation excites me· I love the originality, the truth and that is the reason why I love the greek culture, because Greek art expresses the raw truth, therefore the real life. These are elements that inspire every new creation. Each creation of Hermina Athens has a non-negotiable ingredient - The sentiment! I love the creation of stories. I would say that the mythical approach of our jewellery is soulful to every woman that touches them.


2. With every collection of yours you succeed the absolute consternation of historical backgrounds and contemporary aesthetics in your jewelry. How easy or difficult is to manage this result?

Sentiment and beauty, that’s what jewellery means to me. We live in an era that changes so fast that we don’t have the time to process what we feel. That is why my main aim is, when a woman or a man holds a new jewel in their hands, they stand for a while and observe it, worship it and consider its story.
I like creating asymmetric forms against geometry, as this does not exist in nature. I would consider our jewellery as imperfectly perfect.

3. Recently you started a line with straw bags. What is the main inspiration for these impressive designs?

About 2.5 years ago I had the idea of a modern “basket-bag”. The inspiration came from the amazing Jane Birkin who at the age of the 70’s combined her traditional baskets with every style, writing her own history in the fashion world.

The basic element of this bag is the sustainability. Since I was a teenager I am a vegetarian and I try to avoid wearing or owning materials of animal origin. So, after a long-month research I discovered a millenary workshop in Athens that creates hats since 1960 and it was amazing. So that’s where our baskets are made today.

The “Tote bag” is the most feminine/girly version of a bag. Every pouch and tassel are handmade in workshops in the centre of Athens. In this way we guarantee the quality, while supporting the craftsmanship of our country.

4. You design jewellery that is mainly worn stacked up. What is the ideal jewellery in your opinion for the ultimate business look?

I believe that the most important element for any appearance is confidence. A woman, especially in her work environment which is demanding, needs to be confident and powerful. Our jewellery offers these two elements.
Just think of a white shirt combined with a pair of black pants. This simple look can be totally blunt but they instantly obtain a different style and character with the right pair of earrings, a statement necklace or a lot of pendants in different lengths.

5. What are the three main features that are best describing the woman for whom Hermina Athens designs?

Passion. As Yves Saint Laurent said “the most beautiful make up for a woman is passion”.

Dynamism. A woman who is not afraid of standing out, likes to dare and knows how to combine and wear her jewellery in hair own unique way.

Asymmetry. Just like in real life. At first sight someone who is not perfect seems like the weakest link, but in the end he proved to be the strongest. Think of the river’s flow… that’s what a woman is. She encounters many obstacles but she stays beautiful and strong, just like her jewelry.