Ancient Kallos has managed to become popular in a short amount of time due to the creativity and fresh approach on the Greek tradition of the designers of the brand. What do they have to say about their inspiration? 

How did the idea of Ancient Kallos start?

In 2015, as the economic crisis in Greece became deep, we decided to create our first exclusively greek resortwear brand in Thessaloniki, capturing the beauty and the harmony of Greece and its summer.
We merged our powers and and our different backgrounds, Stella in fashion and Lambrini in architecture, sharing our passion for both the design and the greek spirit.
The main motive for the founding of Ancient Kallos came up during the summer of 2014, while we were on vacation in Santorini and Ithaka, when we realised that what was missing form the boutiques of the greek islands and hotels is a brand of resortwear with greek inspiration, regarding its design.
Our dream is to create clothes that the visitors of our country would purchase and will accompany them during their visit in Greece, while they will become a unique keepsake from their stay here.

Which is the main inspiration for your creations?
Our biggest inspiration is the ancient greek beauty, as the name of our brand indicates, “Ancient Kallos”. Through our designs we are trying to redefine the women’s wardrobe, by adopting traditional greek embroideries and infusing them into our unique prints, from a contemporary perspective.

Regarding your designs, on which quality elements are you focusing more?

First is the simple lines that the aesthetics of our design follow, always carrying references from Ancient Greece and the greek tradition. Fabrics made exclusively from natural fibres, like cotton and linen, is a permanent choice for us, when it comes to sourcing. Last but not least, our production is taking place entirely in Greece and we are really proud about it!

Tell us more about your new collection for ss2019.

Our new summer collection “Hidden Garden” features clothes made from high quality cotton and linen, while embroidered dresses with focus on big sleeves and metallic elements, inspired by the heritage of traditional greek clothing from all over the country, consist the highlight of the collection.
Part of our SS19 creations is the Kumquat Collection, which is based on a unique print, designed exclusively for Ancient Kallos, and applied on delicate cotton and stunning swimwear fabrics.
The inspiration for this new print is the scent of the "golden oranges” of Corfu, the kumquats, that grow under the glorious greek sun. Thus, the sophisticated atmosphere and the historical background of Corfu is where our new collection is dedicated to.

How do you feel about your collaboration with Aesthet?

We are really happy and excited that Ancient Kallos is part of the Aesthet family, which, in our opinion, is the only greek high-standard online store!