Since its launch in December 2013, AESTHET has established itself as the world’s premier online shopping destination for unique fashion items by Greece’s most coveted designer brands, including Ancient Greek Sandals, Ancient Kallos, Ilias Lalaounis, Lito Fine Jewelry, Themis Z and Zeus+Dione among many others.


AESTHET derives its name from the greek word “aesthetics” and refers to the definition of the aesthete person:

aes•thete ,n. One who cultivates a high sensitivity to beauty.


 High aesthetics are part of AESTHET’s core value and span from the curated selection of quality products, to signature packaging and premium customer service of worldwide level, offering a unique online shopping experience.


We aspire to showcase exclusive creations and limited editions crafted by established brands as well as upcoming contemporary Greek designers. Our selection embodies quality, elegance and sophistication, presenting also an ideal gift proposal.


AESTHET is the tradename of AZ Exclusive Trading SA, a company registered in Greece under registration number 127193101000 and VAT number 800522559.